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There aren’t many places where you can grow remarkable Pinot Noir and Sangiovese in the same county. We honor the rare ability of Sonoma, home to some of the most diverse soils and microclimates on the planet. Whether it’s the Alexander Valley, Russian River, or our own Sonoma Valley backyard, we produce wines that showcase these wildly unique sub-appellations. We’re able to do so thanks to a community of meticulous growers who set us up with some of the most expressive fruit in the region. It’s part of our ongoing pursuit not only to respect, but truly taste, the terrain of Sonoma County.

Supporting environmental stewardship


With Sonoma directly in our name, we take great pride in our region and the quality of grapes planted, grown and poured from our bottles into your glass. Five years ago Sonoma County Vintners committed to becoming the nation’s first 100% certified sustainable wine region. Today, Sonoma County is one of the global leaders in sustainable grape growing.

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